5GB Disk Space

50GB Bandwidth

WHM Reseller Panel

Unlimited Features / Extended Support


15GB Disk Space

150GB Bandwidth

WHM Reseller Panel

Unlimited Features / Extended Support


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Only $8.99/year



WebHost Manager


With a reseller package you can start your own Hosting company without the expense or time investment that it takes to run your own servers. Once you have scaled up your customer base you can easily transfer accounts from cPanel server to cPanel server using the built in account transfer tools in WHM.


WebHost Manager (WHM), our server control panel interface, is designed for server administrators and web hosts. WHM makes it easy to:

  • Set up and modify customer accounts;
  • Install applications and programming language modules;
  • Create and apply hosting plans;
  • Block spam;
  • Integrate new web technologies; and
  • Brand customers’ cPanel interfaces with custom logos.


Build your own plan!





Apache 2.x

PHP 5.x

MySQL 5.x


Ruby / Ruby on Rails (Upon Request)

Softaculous (Install over 100 applications with a couple clicks!)

phpMyAdmin for MySQL database management


FTP Accounts

POP3 access to email accounts (Externally can be used with 3rd party software such as Microsoft Outlook)

SMTP service (ports 25 and 26)