5GB Disk Space

50GB Bandwidth

WHM Reseller Panel

Unlimited Features / Extended Support


15GB Disk Space

150GB Bandwidth

WHM Reseller Panel

Unlimited Features / Extended Support


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 org  infous
Only $8.99/year

Get full control over your hosting!

With a virtualized private server you can expand your website beyond the restrictions of a typical shared environment. In a virtualized environment you are free to test / reload / reboot your server without any interaction from a 3rd party. This kind of control gives you the power to test / develop in multiple operating systems.

If you are looking to expand beyond a shared reseller account this is the most economical direction to go. Manage your server the way you want and treat it just like a dedicated server without all of the extra expense.

Disk Transfer Memory IP's Price  
10GB unmetered 256MB 1 $15.95/mo #
20GB unmetered 384MB 2 $22.95/mo #
30GB unmetered 512MB 2 $29.95/mo #
40GB unmetered 768MB 2 $40.95/mo #
50GB unmetered 1GB (2GB Burst) 2 $59.95/mo #



Extra IP Addresses: $1.25/mo

Extra Disk Space: $2.00/mo per GB

Extra Bandwidth: $1.00/mo per 100GB

Extra Ram: $7.00/mo 256MB

cPanel: $15.00/mo


Instant Reboot

Instant Reload

Shell Console

BGP Network

Reverse DNS

Statistic Graphs